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The Women of The Savannah Development Project (WSDP) is the social wing of R&R Luxury Limited; an African beauty brand which produces entirely natural, plant-based skincare products in Ghana, using Africa’s best and purest raw ingredients. 

WSDP focuses primarily on the empowerment of the rural women involved in the production process of the supply of Shea nuts and other raw materials by ensuring that the livelihood of the communities R&R Luxury operates in is holistically and significantly improved. Our goal is to make a Living Wage the reality amongst the women in these communities. We recognize that the ability of being able to affect change in the lives of these women is central to their personal growth as well as serves as a greater good to all key stakeholders in the supply chain. 

To be able to achieve this goal we intend to begin with a baseline assessment of our key stakeholders; the women, and to harness a good personal relationship with them fully understanding their needs and desires not just as a community, but also as individuals. Therefore, implementing sustainable measures for a conducive growth environment, measurable yearly by KPI’s. A change you can see! 


our mission

Our mission is to empower the Women of The Savannah by putting in place sustainable measures for their individual and community level growth whilst processing high quality natural products in a safe and sustainable manner, being environmentally and socially responsible.  

our values


At WSDP, our main goal is to make a Living Wage a reality for the women that process the raw materials we require for our cosmetics and commodity business.

relevant social impact

We aim to make visible social impact by weaving measures such as health and hygiene education, provision of clean water, quality education amongst others into all of our strategies.


Using the international human rights law as a backdrop, we are of the view that critical rights such as right to education, employment, an adequate standard of living, health and social security should be made available to all without discrimination which is why we are determined to change the status quo especially with regards to the women in the Savannah Region of Ghana.