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what we do

We hope that ,through the following processes, we can, in the long-term alleviate poverty in the area. In the mid-term , reduce the rate of gender inequality by ensuring the full participation of women in such projects, and in the short-term , provide quality ingredients that will create immediate income for the women amongst other goals.

We hope to achieve this aim by focusing on the following areas: 

  • Health and hygiene training
  • Business (Co-operative) Development
  • Supply of warehouses for shea nut aggregation and storage  
  • Providing safety equipment 
  • Market linkage for nuts and raw butter/oils
  • Provision of clean and safe community water systems and supply of other social amenities.
  • Implementation of training and capacity building in the following areas: 
  • Processing beyond shea – new products such as Baobab and Soap Making
  • Parkland preservation

Join us as we empower the women of the Savannah Region